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Purchasing Skills of Sports Head Band

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Purchasing Skills of Sports Head Band


Whether men or women, if you want to exercise comfortably, in addition to wearing professional sportswear, you also need professional equipment to absorb a lot of sweat on your forehead. The purpose of this is to prevent sweat from flowing into the eyes, to prevent hair from sticking to the face and covering the eyes after sports sweating, and thus hindering normal exercise. Especially for people with long hair, sports head band is one such product. The sports hair band can also be called sports antiperspirant belt, which has functions of fixing hair and absorbing sweat.

Unlike ordinary headbands, sports headbands generally use their sweat absorption function. Generally speaking, women often do relatively small fitness exercises such as yoga and running; men mostly like playing basketball and football. Therefore, the sports headbands on the website are roughly divided into women sports headbands and men sports headbands. The hair bands featured by women are mostly lace head band, satin head band and make up head band.

Skills for Purchasing Sports Headbands

1. Shopping tips for different hair types:

a) It is recommended that people with thick and fine hair, more short hair inclusions, and long head curtains choose a head-wrap sports headband, which covers a large area, and it is not easy to stick the hair to the face during exercise.

b) People with thin hair and bangs styling like air bangs, it is recommended to choose a narrow forehead wearable sports headband.

2. People with allergic skin are advised to choose cotton and silicone products, and do not choose products with high elastic content and chemical fiber materials such as polyester and spandex.

4. People with sharp and small heads recommend choosing a narrow-band hair band, which is not easy to fall off during exercise.

5. Check the detailed design

a) Sports headbands with poor water absorption such as polyester and silicone materials must be designed with cotton absorbent/sweat guide belts/grooves to enhance comfort and anti-slip properties.

b) The elastic part of the sports headband must be thickened to enhance the comfort and softness and avoid injury from long-term pressure.

6. Workmanship inspection

a) Carefully check the suture parts, such as sweat strips and elastic rubber bands, etc., which are required to be strong and smooth, and the wrapping material is not exposed. The joints should have a high degree of fit, no overlap, misalignment, etc., which is prone to foreign body sensation.

b) Superposition of the headband of the straight-line movement requires the width to be the same and no multilateral phenomenon.

7. Material inspection

a) The material such as sweat-absorbent strips and rubber bands must be the whole strip, and cannot be spliced.

b) Velcro should be high density, flat, and not thorny.

c) The fabric should be complete, with clear texture and no defects. The silicone material has a uniform and thorough color without turbidity.

Tips for buying sports headbands

1. In addition to matching the size of the head with the performance of the sports headband, it also depends on whether the way it fits is suitable for the shape of your head.

2. Buy hair ties with sports. If the intensity is not particularly large, comfort can be the priority selection principle; for high-intensity sports events, the sweat absorption and sweat conduction effects should be the priority selection principle.

3. Those who love to run at night can choose products with warning lights, high safety. In addition, you can also choose to customize logo headband, which can highlight the personality.

Mistakes in the purchase of sports headbands

1. The larger the package area, the better the antiperspirant effect.

2. The antiperspirant effect has nothing to do with the width of the hair band, and it is related to its sweat absorption and sweat conductivity.

Purchase trap of Sports hair band

For elastic hair bands, merchants will inform consumers not to try it on, and the size must be appropriate. But consumers need to know that the size of the sports headband should still match the size of the head, and the right product is more comfortable.

Maintenance and care of sports hair band

1. Clean in time after use to avoid sweat stains and stains corroding the hair band for a long time.

2. Take off the headband correctly according to the instructions on the product.

3. Do not pull with force to avoid damage and deformation of the elastic force.

4. After washing, the fabric should be ventilated and dry, and the silicone products should be wiped clean with a dry cloth.

5. Do not expose to the sun, especially hair bands with rubber bands and spandex fibers, which easily lose their original elasticity.

6. Store separately when storing. Velcro hair ties should be avoided together with clothes that are prone to hair loss, because they tend to stick to the hair, are difficult to clean, and lose their original stickiness.