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8 Matches of Silk Slip Dress 2020

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The slip dress is the sexiest and coolest item this summer. Among them, silk slip dresses are the most popular. Then let's take a look at how to wear a silk slip dress.

92 off-the-shoulder striped shirt

Gold Silk Slip Dress + Sunscreen Shirt + Slippers

If you want to become more feminine, choose a gold silk slip dress to show your curve. Take a simple sunscreen shirt, and fashionable slippers. This combination of wearing is super feminine, and the return rate is also very high.

Ivory Silk Slip Dress + Stiletto Shoes

The ivory silk slip dress that is blowing in the wind is very cool to wear in the hot summer, and it has a feminine effect. With elegant stiletto shoes, it can be perfectly modified to your leg shape. Whether it is an outing or shopping, it is very suitable, and the eye-catching rate is also very high.


Champagne Silk Slip Dress + Slippers + Crossbody Bag

The champagne silk slip dress can not only bring you a sexy and cool feel, but also increase your femininity, revealing a sexy back, and it looks very charming when you look back. Even with slippers that are full of comfort, it is also so elegant. Then carry a fashion crossbody bag casually, the whole fashionable summer look will be done.


Silk Satin Slip Dress + Accessories

Beautiful girls who are full of scheming will choose to work hard on accessories to enhance the fashion sense of the slip dress. You can use a necklace or a hat with a silk satin slip dress. It seems to be lazy and casual, but it is really scheming everywhere. It is really ’thoughtful and careless’. It is easy to find that your chest is empty wearing a slip dress, and you feel very insecure. You have to wear something to relieve boredom. Add a scarf around the neck that is so popular this year, the silk satin slip dress immediately wears a variety of styles.


Vintage Silk Slip Dress + Belt

If you think that the slip dress is too monotonous, you can put some effort into the details, such as choosing a vintage silk slip dress and tying a belt, but the belt is also exquisite. Wide belts are not suitable for the silk slip dress. In color, pay attention to coordination, otherwise it will be tasteless.


Black Silk Slip Dress + Blazer

With the addition of a suit jacket, the black silk slip dress has become more elegant and rational, and more formal. In this way, the match of a strong female style can also be worn in the office, revealing a casual and capable feeling. This season is more suitable for this mashup.

92 cream silk slip dress

Red Silk Slip Dress+ Shirt

The in-line attributes of the silk slip dress are the easiest to rewrite your style, and the shirt with a uniform color scheme is properly formal and casual, with the style of the movie Legally Blonde. A red silk slip dress with an off-the-shoulder striped shirt is full of style.


Cream Silk Slip Dress + T-shirt

Wearing a cream silk slip dress is sexy, but you may feel a little leaky sometimes. In fact, street shooters have already found a method of stacking T-shirts with silk slip dresses, which is not only sexy but also brings a sense of hierarchy to the entire look.


I believe that with the above 8 matches of silk slip dresses, you can find the silk slip dresses the most fashionable and unique to wear in this summer, which is also easy to match.

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