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Do You Know the History of Shirts Development?

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Do You Know the History of Shirts Development?

Shirts are a must-have item for both men and women. However, did you know that the shirt was actually underwear when it was first invented? Did you know that men's shirts used to have finer fold patterns than modern women's clothing? Today let’s learn the development history of shirts.


Shirts development history

1. origin

The shirt originated in the West. The shirt existed before the Middle Ages, but only as a male underwear or night dress. It can be tightened without a collar and cuffs, and it’s often made of linen and silk.


2. 15th century

The nobles of the court loved to wear white shirts as close-fitting clothes in the innermost, but for the beauty, the collar is usually exposed, so the collar part will be designed to be very exaggerated, with a French high collar, Italian lace pleated collar, etc. The collar decorated with lace and embroidery can better reflect the status and taste of the wearer.


3. 17th century

After entering the 17th century, shirts with large waists and comfortable sleeves began to appear. You can see the slits on the front of the shirt and the decorative lace ruffles on the chest. The cuffs were also ruffled, and the wrists were covered with ruffled lace when wearing them. This was the most authentic aristocratic way of wearing at the time.

4. 19th century

In 1900, in the United States, black and white, red and white, lilac and white, large striped patterns shirts were very popular. A high-necked shirt with a double color on the chest was greatly welcomed.


5. 20th Century

With the development of the second industry, white-collar workers have increased, and standard suits as gentlemen and businessmen have also been established. The shirt is progressively centered on white, and the material is also developed from cotton to chemical fibers. Functional processing such as shrinkage prevention and wrinkle prevention has also been developed, and the price has also been reduced, gradually making shirts as a popular garment.


6. NOW

The shirts that have evolved to the present day have a variety of complicated patterns, and the original white silk shirts incorporate the whims of designers. How to choose this classic item from the various styles?

patterned silk shirt

How to choose a suitable shirt?

1. Standard collar shirts

This kind of shirt is common in business activities. The color is mainly plain. It is the most common and familiar shirt style, so it is also the easiest to match. It won’t be affected by age and suitable for any face shape. 


2. Open-angle collar shirts

Open-angle collar also called a wide-angle collar, the open angle of the left and right collars is larger than the standard collar, and the collar seat is slightly higher than the standard collar. This collar type is suitable for a tie of Windsor knot, and it is generally matched with a British suit..


3. Stand collar shirts

There is only a collar seat part without a collar. The collar seat stands upright and looks like a strap. It is also called Chinese collar shirts. This kind of collar is generally not matched with a tie. It is mostly used for casual and lively casual suits.

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