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How Many Kinds of Trousers Do You Know?(Two)

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Pants are classified according to material, shape and audience. Next to the last article, this paper I will continue to introduce other types of pants. No matter which type of pants, only the best material can bring people a better wearing experience and can wear them for years without going out of style. For example, the cream silk pants which are popular in the fashion circle recently are a good example.

 96 pure silk trousers



The former cargo pants, originally a suspender and one-piece jeans style, are loose pants with many pockets now. It is said that H.D. Lee, the founder of Lee brand jeans company, was inspired by the posture of drivers repairing cars, so as to design overalls that can protect the human body from the waist up and down. A century ago, silk cargo pants became popular all over the world, relying on the unsophisticated strength, which saved a lot of cloth for the United States under construction. Overalls were originally men's clothes, but they were more popular with girls after fashion. The feeling of walking in the wind is quite different from the rough industrial overalls a century ago.




Strap pants are pants with shoulder straps on the waist. In the trousers, the suspenders are only connected by two sidebands, while in the overalls and modern fashion, there are more front breast patches. Also known as "panties" or "overalls", the suspenders are ordinary trousers or shorts with a chest protector. Because the shape of this kind of pants is changed from the style of the machine work pants, it is also called overalls. Nowadays, most of the back belt pants are worn as boy's and girl's clothes, and some young women wear silk wide leg suspender trousers as everyday clothes.


Harem pants


Harun pants come from conservative Muslim women's clothing. The name of this kind of silk tapered trousers comes from the Islamic word "Harun", which originates from the wearing of women in Islamic harem, so it is also called "Islamic Harem Pants".


Tight trousers


Tight pants, also known as underwear, are tight pants from waist to foot. Because it's similar to the socks that can't cover the sole of the foot, some people call it "built-in socks". Tights, usually worn by women and dancers, are roughly between the knees and ankles. In the early 1980s, silk pencil pants was popular for women to wear leggings for fitness and aerobic exercise. The trend that began in 2005 was to wear mini-skirts with black leggings.

 96 silk pencil pants



Leggings are designed to keep out light and fit. It can be divided into many kinds due to different length and materials, which can be matched with formal clothes. Girls born in the 1980s should be familiar with the bodybuilding pants that once swept the streets. After several years, bodybuilding pants are back with strong momentum. But this time it changed into leggings that are popular with the street fashionistas.




The appearance of skirt pants is similar to skirt, which is a combination of trousers and skirt. Before the first World War, women in Europe could only wear skirts. If women dare to wear pants, they will be punished. French queen Katarina von Medici likes riding, but it's not convenient to ride without breeches. So she came up with a combination of breeches and long skirts. After all, it is not a kind of clothing to wear the long silk skirt on the outside of the breeches, nor is it recognized by the society. But in 1910 and 1911, three Paris fashion designers, Pachan, Derek and Beschov Davide, combined skirts and pants to create culottes.




Shorts are generally designed to be cool. No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, women wear shorts to show their beautiful lines. Shorts are simple and easy to match, which is the choice of many girls.




Underpants, also known as briefs, belong to close fitting clothes. The material is suitable for all cotton and can be divided into men and women. Cotton silk pants for ladies is good for personal physiological health care, so we should be diligent in changing.


Recently, many brands have launched high-grade silk and cashmere blended pants, which have both the smooth of pure silk trousers and the warm of cashmere pants.

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