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How to Avoid Fading of Real Silk

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Silk, as a kind of protein fiber, is a light, soft and fine natural fiber in nature, which can be easily restored to its original state after the withdrawal of external force.

1. Can Silk Clothes be Washed with Warm Water?

No, because the color fastness of silk clothing is poor, it will fade when encountering hot water. So wash in cold water and try to wash by hand.

2. Can Silk Clothes be Washed with Washing Powder?

No, because the silk is mainly composed of protein, and the alkaline content of washing powder is too high, the alkaline will make the protein denature and cause the silk fabric to fold. Therefore, it is recommended to use silk washing liquid, shampoo or children's bath milk. 

3. Why does silk Soak in Acid after Rinsing?

Generally, silk clothes should be soaked in acid after rinsing. The operation method is to add 5% white vinegar into the water, put the silk clothes in, soak for 2 minutes to fix.

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4. Why do Silk Clothes Turn Yellow Easily?

There are two reasons for yellowing: the first is that the silk itself is yellowing due to protein denaturation, and there is no way to change it due to protein denaturation;

The second reason is the yellow stain caused by sweat pollution. This is mainly because sweat contains a small amount of protein, urea and other organic substances, which will combine with dust to form some stains that are difficult to clean.

5. How to Clean the Yellow Stains Produced by Sweat?

For the yellow stains caused by sweat, there are the following cleaning methods.

(1) wash with rice washing water

Rice water is weakly alkaline, which can react with the oil in the stain and make it become other substances soluble in water. First, soak the silk clothes in the rice washing water for about 20 minutes, and then wash them regularly.

(2) lemon juice or white vinegar lemon

This is actually used to neutralize acid and alkali reactions. After neutralization reaction, some residue on the imprinted part can react with the Yellow imprint to remove the Yellow imprint. 

6. How to Iron Silk Clothes? What are the Key Points of Operation?

The wrinkle resistance of silk clothing is slightly worse than that of chemical fiber, so there is a saying that "wrinkle free is not real silk". If it's wrinkled, then we need to iron it to make it clean again.

When ironing, dry the clothes to 70% dry and spray water evenly. Wait for 3-5 minutes to iron again. The ironing temperature should be controlled below 150 ℃. The iron should not touch the silk surface directly.

Note that it must be covered with a layer of wet cloth and then scalded to prevent the silk from being brittle or even burnt due to high temperature. 

7. How to Store Silk Clothes?

(1) Silk clothing should be washed and ironed before collection. For autumn and winter clothes, coats and cheongsam that are inconvenient to be removed and cleaned, dry clean them and iron them until they are smooth, so as to prevent mildew and decay. After ironing, it can also play the role of sterilization and disinfestation.

(2) The boxes and cabinets for storing clothes shall be kept clean and sealed as much as possible to prevent dust pollution.

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8. What Should We Pay Attention to When Wearing and Maintaining Silk Clothes?

(1) When purchasing silk clothing, you should pay attention to purchasing 2-4cm larger than your original size, so that it will be comfortable to wear and not easy to damage the silk protein fiber.

(2) Because the silk fiber is thin, it can not stand excessive friction. So when wearing silk, don't sleep on mat or rattan chair, and pay special attention not to exercise violently, such as riding a bicycle, so as to prevent fabric from rubbing violently, resulting in spinning and displacement.

(3) Do not spray deodorant or put camphor pill.

Deodorant and camphor pills are all chemicals, which are easy to damage silk and affect wearing life.

(4) Silk clothing should not be exposed to the sun after washing.

Generally, it should be dried in a cool and ventilated place. Because the ultraviolet light in the sun is easy to make the silk fabric yellowing, fading and aging.

A beautiful silk skirt is produced from about 2000 cocoons, so silk is very expensive. The more expensive the silk is, the more attention should be paid.

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