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How to Choose A Suitable Scarf?

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How to Choose A Suitable Scarf?

The weather is very cold in winter, and the silk scarf around neck can both keep warm and become a decoration for dressing up, showing that you are elegant. When you walk into the mall, you will find that there will be many scarf brands, and the quality is also uneven. Some famous brands include Coach silk scarf, Lavin silk scarf, Gucci silk scarf, Fendi silk scarf and Givency silk scarf. This is difficult for many consumers, so let me introduce you how to choose a suitable scarf.


According to Material

Whether the scarf keeps body warm or not, fashion or not, it mainly depends on your usual style. Common scarf fabrics are wool, cashmere, Angola wool, silk, cotton and linen, synthetic materials or a variety of mixed materials, but in winter wool scarf is a good choice. If you have high quality requirements, then choose a cashmere scarf. Cashmere silk scarves are also good, but may be more suitable for specific occasions. Wearing a 100 percent silk scarf in winter is not very warm.


According to Length and Width

The normal scarf length is about 127 cm to 228 cm. The length of the scarf should be proportional to the height of people, but sometimes it depends on personal preference. If you like the mid-length scarf, you can just hang it on your chest and the length is about 180cm.


The width of the scarf is relatively varied. There are narrow scarves, wide scarves. And there are autumn and winter models, which are divided into single layer and double layer according to the thickness. However, many scarves of famous brands, such as the Acne Studio and Burberry scarves, have a width of about 70 cm and are double-layered.


In addition, the length of the scarf will change a person's figure. If you hang a long scarf from your neck, it will make you look slim and slender, and the thick scarf around the neck can distract attention and bury your head in the scarf which makes your face particularly small.

 scarf for women

According to Color or Pattern

The color of the scarf should be coordinated with your dress and occasion. The most important thing is that the scarf you wear needs to be coordinated with your skin color because it is so close to your face.


But what color is the most suitable color? Of course, what suits you best is what you like. But generally speaking, others think you look good or not, depending on whether the color of your scarf matches your skin tone. Wearing a suitable color scarf can make you stand out.


The winter is stylish and warm, and the scarf is the key. But how to find out what color scarf is suitable for you? Generally speaking, the color is divided into warm type and cold type, and of course there are also neutral types. The method of choosing the style that suits you is the gold or silver matching method. Try gold and silver jewelry separately before buying a scarf online to see which one is more suitable for you. If your skin tone and gold are more suitable, then you are more suitable for warm shades of camel, apricot, orange, yellow, red silk scarves. If it matches with silver jewelry, then you have a cool skin tone, you can choose some cool amber, dark brown, light brown or green silk scarf.


According to Shape

Although most scarves are slender and rectangular, there are also triangle scarves and ring scarves, and there are also so-called headscarf scarves. This kind of ring scarf is better to match as long as it wraps around the neck without worrying about falling down.


According to the above techniques, you can choose the most suitable real silk scarf, which is both warm and fashionable. It makes you feel warm in cold winter and makes you look more fashionable.

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