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How to Choose Trousers?

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In recent years, with the further development of the clothing market, a new classification of the clothing industry - Chinese women's pants industry, which is a branch of the women's clothing industry, has become a new industry in the clothing industry. With its low operating threshold, good product stability and sustainability, it has become a unique landscape in the clothing industry. Among them, satin silk pants are becoming more and more popular in recent years, winning customers' favor with their comfort and advanced feeling. How to choose the right pants?

 97 silk flared trousers

Choose pants according to your figure

1) Long and round legs:

Suit pants: this kind of perfect body can wear any style and the effect is very good.

2) Short and thin

Suitable pants type:

A. ladies silk trousers straight leg 

B. medium straight tube    C. micro pull         D. jeans


Not suitable for pants: A. wide leg pants B. flared pants

3) Short and fat

Suitable Pants:

A. Western pants         B. tapered pants    C. middle straight tube


Not suitable for pants:

A. small straight pants          B. wide leg pants     C. diagonal pants           D. jeans

4) Thigh thick, hip shrugging:

Suitable Pants:

A. Western pants           B. tapered pants       C. medium straight tube     D. jeans


Not suitable for pants:

A. small straight pants       B. flared pants

5) Crus coarser:

Suitable pants type:

A. medium length pants      B. silk trousers wide leg      C. Capris


Not suitable for pants:

A. pants        B. small straight tube      C. Capris                  

6) Short leg:

Suitable pants type:

A. high waisted silk trousers    B. small straight tube    C. oblique micro pull   D. tapered pants


Not suitable for pant type:

A. low waisted pant        B. medium bobbin pant    C. wide silk trousers

7) Long legs:

Suitable pants type:

A. medium pants         B. diagonal pants       C. wide leg pants         D. low waist pants


Not suitable for pants:

A. Capris                B. small straight tube

8) Leg bender:

Suitable Pants:

A. medium length pants   B. baggy silk pants


Not suitable for pants:

A. cone pants           B. small straight tube       C. Capris

9) People with wide hips:

Suitable Pants:

A. Western pants        B. tapered pants      C. crotch plus fat special pants


Not suitable for pant type:

A. small straight tube     B. tapered pant      C. silk flared trousers


2. Matching method of trousers and clothing

1) Cropped Trousers

Matching clothing:

A. short T-shirt            B. doublet          C. sleeveless T-shirt       D. Casual slippers        E. fashion slippers

2) Capris

Matching clothing:

A. waistband T-shirt       B. short T-shirt    C. corset      D. Sleeveless T-shirt    E. fashion slippers or sandals

3) Ninth pants:

Matching clothing:

Summer style

A. Short T-shirt            B. corset  C. sleeveless T-shirt        D. leather shoes    E. Fashion slippers         F. casual sandals



A. Jacket         B. waistcoat   C. tight sweater   D. Medium length windbreaker   E. leather jacket   F. leather boots

4) Pants:

Matching clothes:

summer style

A. Short T-shirt     B. corset   C. waistband T-shirt      D. sleeveless T-shirt  E. Fashion slippers      F. casual sandals    G. leather shoes


A. Blouse          B. waistcoat   C. tight sweater     D. medium length windbreaker   E. Leather jacket    F. short down jacket   G. leather shoes    H. leather boots

5) Small straight tube

Matching clothing: it can be matched with any kind of top, with almost no restrictions. The best match is with high heels shoes.

6) Middle straight tube

Matching clothing:

A. blouse         B. corset     C. waistcoat      D. medium length or windbreaker  

E. Cotton padded jacket or robe  F. round leather shoes or fashion shoes  G. short jacket


7) Large straight tube

Matching clothing:

A. silk blouse long sleeve    B. corset or sweater  C. medium length or windbreaker D. padded jacket or padded gown 

E. Short boots                        F. shoes should not be too small or too thin                  G. short jacket

8) Trousers

Matching clothing:

A. over buttock top   B. medium length or windbreaker coat   C. padded jacket or padded gown

9) Tapered pants

Matching clothing:

A. over buttock top      B. medium length or windbreaker       C. Loose top      D. padded jacket or robe


10)Flare Pants

Matching clothing:

A. silk blouse       B. corset   C. fashion jacket     D. Leather jacket  E. tight sweater      F. medium and long top   G. Fashion shoes    H. exquisite shoes

 97 pure silk trousers

The fabrics used in women's pants have also become more diversified. In addition to traditional chemical fiber fabrics, there are cotton pants, elastic jeans pants, corduroy pants, leather pants and pure silk trousers. In terms of style, they have also become more and more fashionable, especially in terms of technology change, which plays a very important role in promoting the development of women's pants industry.

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