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How to Choose the Shirt that Suits You?

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How to Choose the Shirt that Suits You?

I believe there must be a shirt in your closet. Different shirts can be matched with different styles on different occasions. But no matter what type of shirt, fitness is the most important. So how to choose the shirt that suits you?


Skin Color Selection


People with darker skin will look darker and dirtier when they wear dark green silk blouse or grey silk shirt. People with fair skin will look more fair-skinned when they wear bright shirts, such as printed silk button down shirt women's. Fat people will look a little bit constrained and cramped when they  wear a small square shirt , so it should be more appropriate for them to choose a sharp collar shirt. The steady and dignified person should not choose shirts with decorative buttons on their collars.


Face Type Selection


People with a round face are not advised to wear a semicircular lotus leaf collar or a round-necked shirt. People with square face should wear towel gourd collar shirt to soften the contour, and do not wear band collar shirt or flag robe collar shirt. People with long face are recommended to wear standard shirt collar, so as not to lengthen the contour of the face. It is recommended for people with triangular face to wear a small round neck shirt to blend the edges of the face, and don't wear a long and thin pointed collar shirt. People with egg shaped face are suitable for all collar shirts.

 white shirt for women

Collar Type Selection


1. Heterochromatic Collar

The collars of plain or striped shirts are mostly standard collars or open angle collars. And the collar points have many shapes, usually round, which match the paisley pattern perfectly. For men who choose shirts with heterochromatic collar, they need pay attention to coordination in matching, because this type of shirt is difficult to match brilliantly.


2. Open Angle Collar

Open angle collar refers to the collar with an included angle between 120 and 180 degrees. This collar type is also known as Windsor collar or French collar, because the Duke of Windsor loved this kind of collar. With the return of the romantic trend in the new century, the Windsor collar is popular again. And Windsor tie matching with Windsor collar reflects the exquisite modern thoughts of recent generations in retro.


3. Button Collar

Button collar refers to the collar tip fixed with buttons. It was originally a sports shirt, and it is the only collar type in all collar type that does not require pulp. This collar type is mostly used in casual shirts, such as denim shirts and everlane relaxed silk shirts, which is mainly made of checkered pattern or polka dot pattern. The fabric is made of pure cotton fabric or oxfonl fabric. Some silk tie shirts use button collars to fix the tie, so it is best to match it with a fine knot silk tie.


In the choice of shirts, we should choose different shirts according to the different characteristics of our body. The silk material feels delicate and silky, skin-friendly and breathable, the surface gloss is high-grade and atmospheric, and the fabric drape and texture are first-class. There is no need for too many designs for silk clothing. Even with the simplest basic pieces, it will bring a completely different sense of vision, which is both elegant and advanced. The real silk blouse is mainly based on slim tailoring. It is not only shows thin but also has a kind of smart and elegant beauty.

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