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How to Deal with Silk Drawing?

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Silk fabrics are made of silk thread by various processes. They are composed of the thinnest silk thread into a thick thread. Then they are woven into fabrics. If they contact with rough objects or fine hooks, the fabric will be spun. Therefore, we must pay attention to them during normal use. 

1. The reason of silk drawn

The appearance characteristics of the fabrics made of silk are: light and thin, soft feel, which makes them easy to hook, especially those with loose surface, long floating-point yarn, and light and thin fabrics, such as Georgette yarn, Dongfeng yarn, thin plain crepe satin or mulberry satin, which are easy to hook, but like those heavy real silk, such as silk spinning products, heavy crepe. Those silk fabrics with flat surface and short floating yarn, such as electric spinning and twill, are not easy to be hooked.

2. How to deal with silk drawing

It's difficult to solve this problem because the characteristics of silk itself and the structure of fabric are determined by each other. The only thing we can do is to pay attention to maintenance, such as cutting nails clean, grinding them smooth and not touching rough objects. So the silk is delicate and comfortable to wear, but the maintenance is very troublesome and the cost is very high.

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3. Maintenance of silk

(1) Silk is composed of protein fiber, which is very delicate. When washing, you should not rub it hard or use a machine. When washing, the silk products shall be soaked in water for 5-10 minutes, then gently rubbed with special silk detergent, synthetic low foam washing powder or neutral soap, and then rinsed in water. To protect the color of clothes, put another basin of clear water after cleaning, drop two or three drops of vinegar into the water, soak it for 5 minutes, and dry it in the shade on the opposite side. You’d better dry clean the high grade silk fabrics.

(2) When drying, it is better to put it on the opposite side outwards and in a cool place and not allow direct sunlight. When it is 80% dry, the clothes are not easy to change color.

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(3) Silk is a kind of natural fiber fabric, which is light and thin, soft and smooth, strong in air permeability, comfortable and cool, elegant and unrestrained, and is an ideal summer fabric. Silk fiber can not stand friction, usually pay attention not to letting the surface of rough furniture, articles friction its surface. Don't sleep on mats, cane chairs or planks. Because the long fiber cohesion of silk fabric is not as good as that of other blended fiber fabrics, it's easy to cause merging due to external force, also known as arranging and wrapping.

(4) Do not spray deodorant, perfume on the surface of silk products; do not put them together with camphor balls in storage to avoid discoloration.

(5) It's better to hang the silk summer clothes with clothes hanger, but do not use metal hook to prevent rust pollution. The clothes should also be hung in the dark place to prevent the fabric from turning yellow under the direct light. 

If you want to ensure that silk clothes do not draw silk, first of all, you should pay attention to your nails, key chains and jewelry not to always rub the silk surface. Secondly, when washing, try to use the special detergent or shampoo for silk and wool to wash.


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