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How to Maintain And Wash the Cashmere Scarf?

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How to Maintain And Wash the Cashmere Scarf

Scarves are a must-have accessory in autumn and winter, they can not only keep warm but also embellish. According to the material, it can be called real silk scarf, wool scarf, polyester scarf, cashmere scarf, rayon scarf etc. Today we are mainly talking about cashmere scarf. The cashmere scarf is not only warmth but also very fashionable. Due to the special material of cashmere scarf, the general price is more expensive. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance are more important in daily use.

How to wash the cashmere scarf ?

1. Before washing, soak in cold water for 5 to 10 minutes (jacquard or multi-color cashmere products should not be soaked), and at the same time gently squeeze in water with both hands while soaking. The purpose of soaking and squeezing is to make the dust attached to the inside of the scarf leave the fiber and enter the water, and the other part of the dirt is wet and loose. After soaking, gently squeeze hands with water.


2. Put it in a neutral washing liquid at about 35 ℃ and squeeze it gently with both hands while immersing it. Do not wash it with hot soapy water, do not rub it, and do not wash it with alkaline detergent, otherwise it will shrink Roll and felt. When washing cashmere products at home, you can use shampoo. Because cashmere fibers are protein fibers, they are afraid of alkaline detergents, and shampoos are mostly "gentle" neutral detergents.

3. After washing, the scarf needs to be "over-acid" (that is, the washed scarf should be soaked in a solution containing an appropriate amount of glacial acetic acid) to neutralize the soap solution remaining in the scarf, improve the fabric gloss, and protect the wool fiber in the "peracid" program, if there is no glacial acetic acid, edible white vinegar can be used instead, but after the acid is over, you need to pass water once.

4. After rinsing with clean water at about 30 ° C, the matching softener can be put in the amount according to the instructions, and the feeling will be better.

long silk scarf for women

5. Squeeze out the water in the scarf after washing, put it in a net pocket and dehydrate in the dehydrating cylinder of the washing machine.

6. Washed cashmere scarves are very particular. They need to be smoothed out and then allowed to dry naturally. Do not put it in a place where there is a lot of sun. After exposure, cashmere will not only lose its luster but also break easily.

How to maintain cashmere scarf

1. Don’t put it with clothes together

Putting cashmere scarves and clothes together is easy to be damaged by the zipper and buttons on the clothes. When not wearing a scarf, it is best to roll the scarf into a "sushi" shape and put it in the drawer.

2. Don’t hang the cashmere scarf

The cashmere material is easy to be moth-eaten, and it is thin and easy to deform itself, so it should not be hung and suspended during normal maintenance, but should be stacked separately and laid flat, while keeping it dry and ventilated.

3. Wear to avoid friction

The cashmere fiber is slender and soft, and it is easy to be damaged when going out. Usually pay attention to reduce friction with harder things.

4. Adjust the medium temperature to iron

Cashmere scarves cannot withstand high-temperature ironing. Remember to iron the scarf with medium temperature. Before ironing, you need to spray water on the scarf, lay a wet piece of white gauze, and iron along the scarf's latitude and longitude to avoid it deform.

5. Attention to the wearing environment

Pay attention to the surrounding environment when wearing cashmere scarves, so as not to get dirty, frequent washing of it will reduce its life. Pay attention to anti-corrosive substances and oil stains when wearing.

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