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How to Match a Camisole?

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In summer, the temperature gradually rises, and it is the season when the camisole dominates the streets. If you want to put a simple camisole with a sense of style and personality, matching is the key. This article mainly introduces some matching methods. I hope you can find the one you like. 

Camisole + wide leg pants

If you want to be more fashionable and personalized, you can choose the wide-leg pants with printed style, and pure color silk camisole. The printing of the pants has successfully transferred some attention. It also weakens the skin of the upper body, making the overall look clean and neat. 

Camisole + lace skirt

The combination of camisole and lace skirt has an excellent performance between feminine and sexy! The whole set of black monochrome matches, it can instantly capture the eyes of everyone, the refreshing and sweet style is very consistent with the summer!

Camisole + sweatpants

This kind of wear is very suitable for students, it is neither mature nor naive, it’s very sporty. The combination of camisole and sweatpants is very casual and immediately increases the visual height. 

Camisole + jeans

Recently, the match of silk camisole + jeans is very popular. Whether you are a star or a office lady, such a match can be seen everywhere. It is actually a good-looking one. It is of European and American sexy style, with strong coordination . 


Camisole + MIDI skirt

Silk camisole and skirts always come with an elegant ladylike temperament. Conventional halter tops are usually simpler in style, choose a solid color camisole with a designed skirt, or a richly printed whistle skirt, they will make you look more stylish and young. 

Camisole + shorts

In summer, the best matching partner should be camisole + shorts. The simple and stylish combination can always be more eye-catching. It shows the image of a young girl with unlimited charm. It can be perfectly matched with any combination.

Camisole + trousers

The silk camisole gives a cool feeling in the hot weather. The satin material is soft and full of draping. The low V-neck design is sexy and feminine, it is full of women's elegant temperament, this is a feminine match, both stylish and comfortable, wearing a pair of small white shoes also makes you look good. 

silk camisole

Matching precautions

1. The ratio is very important, the overall proportion should well matched, and it will visually create a sense of long legs. Therefore, the hem of the camisole hem into the bottom will highlight this effect, otherwise, if you choose a longer camisole , there may be an uncoordinated proportion of the body.

2. Pay attention to the role of accessories. When the upper and lower clothes are all in solid colors, a simple printed silk scarf around the neck can enhance the sense of exquisiteness. The bracelets, necklaces and belts are all very good decorations. 

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