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How to Use Head Band Correctly?

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The emergence of the woman hair band meets girls desire of pursuing the fashion trend and innovation, today we will introduce the usage of hair band..

woman hair band


There are two methods for tying silk hair bands, tying short hair and tying long hair. The method for tying short hair is to first curl the hair with a curling iron, then twist part of the hair into a braid, and then use the hair band to fix it. The method of tying long hair band is to first tie the hair into a fluffy ball head, then wear the hair band, and finally adjust the entire hair slightly.


Hair bands can be roughly divided into sports head bands, printed hair bands, metal hair bands, flower hair bands, etc. Different hair bands have different combinations and show different styles.



1. Sports Head Band

As the name suggests, it is mostly used for sports, and now it has become a fashion item. The sports head band with twist braid gives a clean and refreshing feeling. And this hair band is unisex, as long as it is properly matched, it can create a cool sense of sight.



2. Printed Hair Band

The printed hair band comes with a retro atmosphere, matched with red lips, it is irresistible. It should be noted that when matching a printed hair band, the color needs to echo the clothing to avoid the tragedy of color collision. This kind of hair bands is also know as floral head bands.



3. Metal Hair Band

It is more suitable for girls who are pursuing a minimalist personality. The metal hair band has a strong texture and a sense of lines, so it is suitable for pursuing a personality. The minimally designed metal hair band is not so picky, you can try it occasionally.



4. Hair Band for Messy Hair

The hair is sometimes messy by the wind. You can choose a white silk head band. The hair band detours from the neck to the top of the head. A knot is formed on the top of the head to form the shape of rabbit ears. It can not only prevent from messy hair, but also can dress yourself up.



5. Hair Band for Ponytail

Some people think that ponytail does not need a hair band, but it is actually needed. It is more refreshing with the hair band, and the lace head band can also be used as a tool for dressing hair. Bypassing the hair band from the top of the head, and then adding the hair band while knitting the ponytail. It will have a very beautiful effect with the hair band.

6. Princess Hair Band

The simplest princess hairstyle is to pick two bundles of hair from both ears and fix them together. To add a make up head band, first comb the hair, then wrap the hair band from the top of the head to the head back, and then tie the hair band to the princess hairstyle, it will be more firm.

 head bands


There are many usages of head bands. Different hair styles require different hair band decoration, which not only looks more generous, but also has a good decorative effect. In short, each type of hair bands can show different styles of itself, as long as it is properly matched, you can get the effect you want.

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