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How to Use Make Up Head Band?

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The hair band used for washing your face is called a head band. When washing your face, girls' hair is a very obstructive thing. With a woman head band, you no longer have to worry about the hair sticking to your face. You can do facial cleansing with a happy mood.


There are many styles of head bands, with different materials, such as cotton, silk, lace and so on. The shape is also different from each other. There is a cartoon form, it is very cute when wearing it. In the form of ribbons, there is laziness and style. There are also simple models that look dignified and elegant when worn.


woman head band

Before the rise of head band, it was very troublesome for girls to wash their faces. They had to clamp their hair with hair clips, so as not to cause the hair to fall down during the wash, which made it difficult for girls with very long hair to tie their hair all together and wash their faces. This way, the hair will not fall down and cause trouble.


With the woman head band, girls finally do not have to stick to the problem that their hair will get wet or stick to their faces. The head band can firmly bind the hair, whether it is short or long hair, it can be firmly suppressed. The method of using the woman head band is very simple. It is a good news for the handicapped party to ensure that it will be learned in a short time.


When using a head belt, first comb all the hair from the bottom to the back of the head, straighten the head band and clamp it on the top of the head to suppress the hair, and wrap the two ends around the back of the head and twist it a few times. No matter how you jump, your hair will never fall apart.


Here I recommend a very stylish and easy to use head band: silk head band. The head band is made of silk charmeuse. Silk charmeuse is a luxury fabric made from silk with a satin finish. It has a glossy appearance and extremely soft texture.


 silk head band

Proper use of head band


Comb the hair, whether it is long or short, from the bottom to the top, and let the forehead leak out. Put the entire head band down into the neck. Remove the hair tails from the head band. Keep the head bands close to the neck and remove the hair tails from the hair band. Push the hair of the forehead back. Finally, all the hair on the face needs to be wrapped in the hair band to the forehead. The head band is worn.


Precautions for using hair ties


When wearing the hair band, lift the hair band to the forehead, as long as you have just lifted your head all up, forming an angle from the side, so that the hair band will not fall off easily.


Do not use the hair band for washing your face as a hair hoop for decoration. The hair band for washing your face is mainly used to fix your hair behind your head. It is not necessary to wear it like a hair hoop. When wearing the hair band, lift the hair band to the forehead, as long as you just lifted your head all over, forming an angle from the side, so that the hair band will not fall off easily.

Other types of head bands

In modern life, in order to promote their personality and pursue fashion, many men will have long hair. But long-haired boys have many inconveniences in social life, such as sports, such as going to an amusement park. This time you need to use the hair band, such as men head bands, sports head bands. When the hair is tied up, when playing sports, the amusement park does not seem to be very troublesome when playing some exciting items.


In daily life, girls usually do Spa to maintain their skin. At this time, using the SPA head band will reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles in the process of doing SAP.


Make up head band. On many formal occasions, both men and women wear makeup to make their faces more delicate. Such as dating with friends, attending important parties, wedding ceremonies, etc. Using makeup headbands at this time, especially for women, will save a lot of makeup time.


There are other material head bands, such as lace head band, satin head band, floral head band and so on. We can choose our favorite head band according to our own preferences, of course, we can also use custom head bands.

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