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Selection Methods of Quilt Cover

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The quilt cover is an important bedding in our daily life. It has the functions of protecting the pillow core and decorating the bed. However, we have little knowledge about the selection methods and the size of the quilt cover. And that is what we will talk about in the following article.


1. Brief Introduction of the Quilt Cover

The quilt cover is a kind of daily necessities on the bed, which covers the quilt. Its main function is to prevent the quilt from getting dirty and make the quilt easy to clean, so as to reduce the workload.


2. Selection Methods of the Quilt Cover

2.1 Look at the Pattern

General quilt cover pattern is divided into jacquard and printing, and both of them have their characteristics. Jacquard is more wear-resistant and durable. And the printing has a variety of colors, which is more beautiful and delicate. However, printing will make us unable to distinguish the quality of the dye material, so that the material level is uneven. If you like simple and elegant designs and colors, it is suggested to consider more about jacquard quilt covers.


2.2 Feel the Texture.

When we buy clothes, we often touch the fabric with our hands to feel the texture of the clothes. This principle also applies to the selection of quilt covers. A good quilt cover will feel smooth and soft. At the same time, it can contact with the skin perfectly.


2.3 Smell the Cloth

The quilt cover has some smell. If you put two quilt covers of different grades together for comparison, it's easy to smell the difference of two quilt covers, especially the printed ones. Good printed quilt covers don't smell uncomfortable. If the quality of the printed quilt cover is not good, the manufacturer usually uses strong fragrance to cover the impure smell.

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2.4 Obverse the Details

If we want to check the quilt cover carefully, we should turn it over and check it. Usually, the quality of the quilt cover is reflected in the inside of the quilt cover. If the quality of the quilt cover is very good, you will find that the stitches in the inner layer are handled carefully, and there is no excess or broken thread. Therefore, details are the key to the quality.


3. Size Selection of the Quilt Cover

3.1 Single Person

The size of single bed sheet is 200 * 230 cm. The size of the quilt cover is 150 * 200cm or 160 * 200cm. This size can be used for the summer silk bedding for adults, but the best size for the winter quilt is 180 * 220cm or 180 * 210cm. The size of the quilt cover should be the same or slightly larger, such as 200 * 230 cm. The size of the silk pillowcase is 74 * 48 cm. The size of the bolster is generally 45 * 45cm or 50 * 50cm.


3.2 Two Ordinary People

The bed sheet size of two ordinary people is 230 * 250cm or 245 * 250cm. The size difference mainly depends on the width used by the manufacturer. The size of the quilt cover is 200 * 230cm. The size of the silk pillowcase is 75 * 48cm. This specification can be used for beds of 1.5m or 1.8m length. Sheets of this size are generally designed with rounded corners. Whether this size is suitable for a bed of 1.8m length depends on the size of the quilt you choose.


3.3 Two People Plus

The bed sheet size is 240 * 270cm. The size of quilt cover is 220 * 240cm. The size of silk pillowcase is 74 * 48 cm. Because the bed sheet is relatively larger, it is generally used for the bed of 1.8 * 2m.


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