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What Are the Combinations of Scarves?

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What Are the Combinations of Scarves?

Scarves are a must-have accessory in autumn and winter, they can not only keep warm but also embellish.

Scarves are in the shape of strips, triangles, and squares around the neck. The fabrics generally use wool, cotton, silk, modal, rayon, acrylic, polyester and other materials. They are usually used to keep warm and wear it for religion.

The collocation style of scarves

. Cool series

Light and thin scarves like cicada wings are used to match suits, which can also have a refreshing feeling. This thin and light scarf must pay attention to the material, silk fabric or linen has the best effect.

Silk scarf + sleeveless shoulder with open back: The real silk scarf inadvertently wraps around the neck, and the tail of the scarf hangs casually behind it, which not only adds warmth to the fragrant shoulders, but also adds a bit of sensuality and femininity.

Scarf + V neck top: The multi-wrap scarf only has tassels hanging down gently, 100% cute, and the charm of the V-neck is really a wonderful combination. The V-neck top is sexy and compelling. It is matched with a double-wrap scarf, which can not only make up for the cold feeling of the hollow between the necks, but also add a bit of naughty and cute.

Scarf + sleeveless vest: The combination of a low-cut sleeveless vest with a large shawl scarf is sexy and elegant. Sleeveless vests full of summer feeling and scarf with warm feeling are confrontation and integration.

long scarf

Warm series

The relatively thicker and heavier scarf is a good partner for cool clothes, and the color should be relatively heavy, creating an autumn impression.

Scarf + turtleneck: The beautiful embroidery on the side of the scarf is a magic weapon to enhance the charm. Put on the turtleneck shirt to reminisce the refreshing, and the long scarf hanging on the chest elongates the overall slimness.

Scarf + shirt: The fitted shirt has the effect of closing, feels slim, and you can wear a scarf to tell the feeling of the scroll. The wide scarf can be used as a shawl, and it is a typical elegant casual dress with a simple shirt.

How to choose a suitable scarf according to your face feature?

. Round face

For those with a fuller face, the key to making the face look fresh and thin is to lengthen the sagging part of the scarf as much as possible, emphasizing the longitudinal sense, and pay attention to maintaining the integrity of the vertical lines from head to toe. Try not to Interrupt. When tying the knot, choose the method that suits your personal dress style, such as diamond knots, diamond flowers, roses, heart-shaped knots, cross knots, etc., to avoid overlapping the neck, excessive horizontal and too high level texture flower knot.

. Long face

The horizontal tie method spreading left and right can show the hazy sense of elegance of the collar and weaken the feeling of longer face. Such as lily knots, necklace knots, double-end knots, etc. In addition, you can also twist the silk scarf into a slightly thick rod shape and tie it in a bow-tie shape.

. Inverted triangle face

From the forehead to the lower jaw, the width of the face gradually narrowing the shape of an inverted triangle face gives a harsh impression and a monotonous face. At this time, the silk fabric scarf can be used to fill the neck with a layered sense, and a luxurious tie style will have a good effect. Such as rosettes with leaves, necklace knots, blue and white knots, etc. Pay attention to reducing the number of times the real silk scarf is surrounded. The sagging triangle should be unfolded as naturally as possible, to avoid the tight tie, and pay attention to the horizontal layering of the knot.

. Square face

People with wide cheeks, a square face with the same width of forehead, jaw, and face are likely to give people a lack of tenderness. When wearing a silk scarf, try to keep the neck clean, and make some layered knots on the chest, and then match it with a simple top to express a noble temperament. As for silk scarf pattern, we can choose basic flower, nine knot, long scarf rosette, etc.

Hope you can find a suitable scarf to match your temperament. 

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