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What Is Pajamas?

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Pajamas has long been a symbol of Western lifestyle. Pajamas was originally loose trousers worn by the Middle East and Indians, but the European colonists gave it a new role. Pajamas is a kind of home furnishing, which makes people relax physically and mentally at home. On this basis, designers later improved different styles, such as fashion pajamas that can be worn outside.

The Development of Pajamas

At the beginning of the 20th century, pajamas, like other kinds of clothing, had exquisite and complicated drape decoration and layer upon layer wearing, but without practicability. In this period, silk pajamas were all luxurious customized clothes, belonging to the upper class.

With the advent of the World War I, nightgowns became less baggy and more masculine and simple. With the economic development after the World War II, the tourism industry in Europe and America flourished, so that clothing stores began to make silk pillowcases, silk eye masks and so on, which were matched with women's pajamas. At the same time, because of the need of travel and life, the style of pajamas is getting more and more brisk. 

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With the beginning of World War II in the late 1930s, there was little demand for high-end women's pajamas. What is needed at that time is ready-made and easy to wear clothes, such as all-weather wearing wool flannel sleeping skirt which can also be used as evening dress; small and light Chiffon like silk pajamas which are easy to wash, iron and carry; and sleeping clothes made of dyed cotton cloth. 

At the end of World War II in 1945, with economic recovery, beautiful and feminine pajamas became fashionable again. By the 1950s, pajamas had become the mainstream. With the innovation of industrial technology, nylon fabric is widely used, which brings innovation to the clothing industry. There are many kinds of pajamas from dignified and noble to short and sexy. 

In the 1960s, with the rapid development of the commodity economy, women's pajamas with reasonable price and good quality were widely sold as ready-to-wear in stores, and pajamas entered the wardrobe of every woman.

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After the 1970s, pure cotton sleepwear began to become obsolete as cotton and nylon blends such as polyester became more and more popular. High-end pajamas come in the form of silk, cotton, wool and mixed cotton. The color form also shifts from the past peace to the strong colors of the late 80s, and it also leads consumption to high prices.

The 1990s is a more modern stage of value and function. In this case, in addition to the pajama series, the concept of home clothes is added. Home clothes have already surpassed the basic needs just for wearing. Women may have many pajamas in the closet, but they also want to have the latest fashion and color. Silk clothing not only need to be comfortable, but also should be sexy and beautiful. 

Nowadays, in the brewing of Pajama style, people began to have new requirements and expectations for home clothes, from the comfort of clothing to the fashion of pajamas.

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