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What Is the Difference between Pillowcase and Pillow Cover?

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The pillowcase and pillow cover are the common bedding in our daily life. However, some people have questions about the difference between the pillowcase and the pillow cover. Therefore, I intend to introduce that in four aspects.


1. Different Nature

Pillow cover is a kind of towel which is covered on the pillow. It is mainly used to protect the pillowcase. Therefore, we’d better change the pillow cover once a week. In addition, due to the variety of the pillow cover style, it also has the function of decoration.


The pillowcase is a cloth cover under the pillow cover, which covers the pillow core. Pillowcase is an important part of modern pillow, including one piece type, oxford type and lace type. Cotton, cotton polyester and man-made fiber, real silk can be used to made into pillowcases, but the most comfortable pillowcase material is the pure cotton. This kind of cloth has good air permeability and moisture absorption, and it does not irritate the skin.

2. Different Use

Pillow cover is mainly used for cleaning. The replacement and cleaning of the pillow cover is also more convenient. For example, people with greasy heads are easy to make the pillow cover dirty. The unclean pillow cover will cause skin problems such as acne. Because the pillow cover is most likely to stick to the sweat and oil stains secreted by the skin and it has intimate contact with the skin for at least 8 hours every day, it is better to change the pillow cover once a week. If we contact with the pillow cover covered with cosmetics for a long time, acne will appear.



The function of the pillowcase is to protect the pillow core from the damage and dirt. For example, when we sleep, our head is more prone to perspire, so the role of pillowcases is to absorb sweat and oil secreted by the skin of our head. In this way, the pillow core is not easy to get dirty. Pillowcases are generally purchased with other bedding, so that the design and style can be unified. However, many people will ignore whether the pillowcase is the right size. The right pillowcase should match with the pillow.


3. Different Advantages

The main materials of pillowcase are cotton, cotton polyester and man-made fiber. In addition, some people like to use silk pillowcases. Silk fabric is composed of more than 97% animal protein, which is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids that are necessary for human body. Silk clothing can also clean the skin and increase the vitality of skin cells.


The use of the pillow cover can reduce the frequency of cleaning the pillowcase. Because the pillowcase is often thin, people's sweat and oil stains can enter the pillow core through the pillowcase, resulting in the dirty pillow core. After using the pillow cover, this situation will be improved. For adults or babies who can drool, using a pillow cover can avoid drooling on the pillowcase and molding on the pillow core. In addition to the role of protecting the pillowcase, the appearance of pillow cover is more fashionable. It can also decorate the room when putting it on the bed.


4. Some Precautions

Because the pillow cover and the pillowcase are separated, the bed will be in a mess in the morning. We can try to make the pillow shorter and change the angle of the neck when we sleep to solve this problem.


The best choice of the materials of the pillow cover is the pure cotton, and the color is better to be light color. White bedding uses less dye, and there is less harm to our health. The disadvantage of the light color is that it is difficult to clean, so you should choose the right color.


Silk fabric is a uncommon material for pillow cover, although it’s expensive it is beneficial to our health and sleep quality. Silk pillow cover has the function of health care and beauty, so that more and more people are willing to purchase silk fabric and silk clothing.

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