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What is Night Robes?

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Night robe is a kind of casual clothes used before and after sleeping, which is relatively loose and long. This robe is leisure clothing at home, generally worn in autumn and winter. Even though night robe with a variety of lapels might cover the ankle, long sleeve type of night robes take the majority. The softened high-grade silk and silk are applied for fabrics of night robe. Therefore the fabrics are very glossy and smooth. And those type of soft night robes are comfortable to wear.

Selection of Night Robe

1.fabric of the robe

When people select the night robe, they usually take four factors which are fabric of the robe, color, size and style into consideration. The most ideal night robe fabric should be knitted night robe. Because knitted night robe is very thin and soft. In addition, the best raw material should be cotton fabric, or at least synthetic fiber based on cotton. In fact, if considering from the health point of view, cotton clothes are the most suitable, because cotton clothes have strong moisture absorption, can better absorb sweat on the skin, and have strong air permeability.

2.color of the robe

The second factor is the color. Usually dark robes are not good for human health, while plain or light robes can play the role of calming down the mind of people and light up their spirits. Bright colors are easy to stimulate people's vision and make people unable to relax. Therefore for some people, they would feel so nervous that they might have difficulties to get into sleep.


3.size of the robe

Another factor, affecting people making their decision for selecting night robe, is the size of night robe. The clothes for sleeping are different from those for wearing out. Sleeping is the only relaxing time of the day. Therefore, sleeping comfortably and wearing loose night robe are important. But some people tend to choose the night robes which fit them well. Thus, the size of the night robe has an important effect for behavior of consumers.

4.style of the robe

The last factor influence buying choice of consumer is the style of night robe. Although it is not as changeable as ordinary clothes, on the whole, night robes can be divided into the following categories. The first type is suspender skirt. This kind of robe is mainly suitable for summer wear, full of fashion sense, and also can show the sexiest charm of women. The second type is the split suit. This kind of robe is mainly designed from the aspects of comfort and comfort. Compared with the skirt suit, the suit does not have too much burden and is very convenient to move. For some younger people who chasing the fashion, the style is the biggest factor for influencing their buying behavior. 

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Difference between Night robe and Bathrobe 

The difference between robe and bath robe is actually that robe is mainly used for sleeping clothes, which is a kind of casual clothes worn indoors before and after sleeping. The bathrobe is a shorter garment used after bathing, which is easy to absorb water and make the body dry faster. 

Another difference between night robe and bath robe is that they have certain differences in fabric. Night robe fabrics are mostly soft and elegant colors and quiet and delicate small flower patterns. And bathrobes are generally made of fabrics with good water absorption and many of them are made of high-grade bamboo fiber.

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