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What is silk?

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 Silk is a symbol of ancient Chinese culture which has made an indelible contribution to the development of the world's human civilization. Chinese silk is famous for its excellent quality, exquisite color and rich cultural connotation. Thousands of years ago, silk was taken to Europe by the ancient silk Road. It brought not only a piece of colorful costumes and ornaments, but also an ancient and splendid civilization in the East. Since then, silk has almost become a communicator and symbol of the Eastern civilization.Today, let’s step into the silk’s world

Definition of silk

In ancient times, silk was dominated by mulberry silk, which also included a small amount of textiles woven from tussah silk and cassava silk. Due to the expansion of textile raw materials, textiles that are woven with artificial or natural filament fibers can be called generalized silk. silk woven by pure mulberry silk is especially called real silk.

Source of the silk Road

silk is a special product of China. The ancient Chinese invented and mass-produced silk products, and opened the first large-scale commercial exchange between the East and the West in the history of the world. Since the Western Han Dynasty, Chinese silk has been shipped abroad in large numbers that has become a world-famous product. At that time, the road from China to the West was called the silk Road by Europeans, and China was also known as the silk State.

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Raw materials for silk

Modern industrial rarely have 100% silk products, which are mainly a combination of natural fibers, rayon and cellulose.

Natural fiber

The natural fiber contained in silk is mainly silk fiber, which is a continuous long fiber obtained by solidifying the silk liquid secreted of the silkworm. It is also known as natural silk, which is one of the earliest animal fibers used by humans. 

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Man-made fiber

Man-made fibers are non-natural fibers obtained by physical and chemical methods, which are classified into regenerated fibers and chemical fibers. Recycled fiber is a material obtained by using certain natural polymer compounds or derivatives thereof as a raw material, dissolved into a textile solution, and then spun into a fibrous material. Chemical fiber is a synthetic fiber made from petroleum, natural gas, coal, and agricultural by-products. The addition of man-made fibers to silk is mainly to make silk anti-wrinkle, anti-insect, and easier to preserve.

Man-made fibers are only 100 years old. Before that, humans relied on natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and hemp for textiles and other production fields. After the 1950s, various synthetic fibers were successively released, which were large in quantity and low in price. It greatly enriched the total output and scope of textile fibers and became a competitor of natural fibers. 

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