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Which Silk Fabric Is Better?

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Silk fabric ,which is also called real silk, is relative to the imitation silk fabric.It is soft and smooth in texture, soft and light in hand and comfortable to wear. Silk fabric has excellent dye properties, so that it can be very colourful.It is mainly used for summer shirts, trousers, dress and headscarves and so on. China has a quite long history of silk textile making, china silk fabric products are popular around the world. Silk fabrics can be divided into many categories according to its organization, combination of warp and weft threads and processing technology. How to identify and choose the better silk fabric are quite important if you are interested in it, so next we will introduce some ways to identify it and tell you which silk fabric is better.

 100 Washable silk fabric

Expensive Silk Fabric and Cheap Silk Fabric


Price is a way to identify silk fabric. The price of silk fabric is about twice that of chemical fiber and silk satin. Higher price usually means better

qualification and more comfortable. But the price is not the only standard to choose silk fabric. If you find some very cheap silk fabric in the market, you need to pay special attention to its colour and quality. So if you want to buy some silk fabric that has quality assurance and reasonable price, you have better choose the sellers with high profile or factories with good brand, they will offer various high quality silk products for you.


Silk Crepe Fabric


Silk crepe fabric is one kind of good silk fabric which is made from silkworm. It has the characteristics of soft, light pearl luster and good permeability. Clothes or other products made by silk crepe fabric are elastic and cool, thus this silk fabric is particularly used to make summer clothing or dress and is very popular in the market.


Plain Silk Fabric


Plain silk fabric means the composition of the fabric is 100% silk, without other ingredients. Although silk is easy to shrink, but it won't deform so easily after being processed into products and can be washed by hand. Washable silk fabric is very easy to keep and you don’t need to worry about if it is dirty. Therefore, observing the possibility of shrinking is also a method to help you identify whether the silk fabric is good or not.

 100 buying silk fabric

Pleated Silk Fabric


Pleated silk fabric is processed on basis silk fabric. Though surface is a little wrinkled, it is still smooth, this kind of design add some sense of fashion in the silk fabric. Many household goods choose to use this materials to make the product look more upscale.


When buying silk fabric, you can compare the different kinds and colour of silk fabric to meet your personalized requirement. The most suitable one for you is the best one. Salespeople from manufacturers will also give you professional advice on how which kind is better, but you still need to have some knowledge about choosing better silk yourself, so that avoiding being cheated. 

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